Heat resistant powder coatings


General introduction
Heat resistant powder coating is made from special resins and heat resistant pigments and filler, which ensure its outstanding heat resistance, corrosion resistance and color stability. It can be employed in the coating for fume extractor pipelines, barbecue shelves, heat exch angers and so on facilities, mower and so on..
Product Series
Products which can endure 230℃×6h, 250℃×3h,300℃×2h and 350℃×1h are available. Customers can choose the very type according to their demand.
Physical properties of the powder 
Granularity distribution:100%below 100μm(it can be adapted to the specific demand of coating)
Curing Condition
 200℃(workpiece temperature), 15minutes 
Average coating rate
9-12㎡/kg, film thickness:60μm (calculated according to 100% consuming of powder coating)

Coating performance

Testing items
Standards and methods
Inspecting index
Impact strength
GB/T 1732-1993
GB 9753-1988
GB/T 9286-1998
Pencil hardness
GB/T 6739-1996
Salt mist resistance
GB 1771-1991
Heat & moisr resistance
250℃×6h(white color)
Good gloss retention
The tests above used the cold rolling steel plate of 0.8mm thick with preceding standard treatment. The thickness of the coaring layer is 60-80μm
2. the  above performance index may slightly vary with the variation of the color.

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