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Epoxy polyester powder coatings
date:2016-7-27 15:08:27

The coating with epoxy resin and polyester resin is prepared from the main raw material, has good resistance to corrosion, and good leveling decorative and mechanical, strong water resistance and heat resistance.

Product series:

High light, Matt, light, no light products and art treatment effect and low temperature curing powder.

Application domain:

Household appliances, metal furniture, office equipment, mechanical and electrical, interior decoration materials, auto parts, children's toys and other metal surface decoration and painting.

Physical properties:

Proportion of 1.1-1.8 (due to the color and type of different) particle size distribution of 100% less than 100 microns (more than 80% in the 60um-90um, can be adjusted according to the requirements of the painting) level mobility (180%) 18-35mm

Curing condition:

180 degrees C (working surface temperature) 15 minutes (low gloss products), 160 degrees C (working surface temperature) 15 minutes

Average coverage: 9-14 square meters /Kg, film thickness 60-80um (100% powder used)

Packing: carton packing lined with polyethylene bag, net weight 20Kg.

Storage requirements: clean, dry, ventilated, avoid light, room temperature is less than 30 degrees C, this condition can be stable for 12 months storage. Avoid stacking more than 4 layers.

Note: the use of personnel should avoid inhalation of dust, as far as possible to avoid long-term contact with the skin and powder coating, can not be mixed with different types of other companies paint.

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