Epoxy /polyester powder coatings




General introduction
This type of powder coating is prepared from the epoxy and polyester resin . It has the merits of the two coatings, which makes the filmspreapared from this type of coating more decorative and gives it good mechanical properties and anti-corrosive properly . It is widely applied in the coating for indoor metallic appliances.
Product Series
Standard and low temperature solidification type powder coating can be provided. Products of different gloss are available , namely, high gloss (above 80%), semi gloss(50-80%), flat gloss(20-50%) and no gloss(below 20%). (The gloss can be adjusted according to the customers’ to the demand.)
Physical properties of the powder 
Granularity distribution:100%below 100μm(it can be adapted to the customers’ demand)
Curing Condition
Standard type 180℃(workpiece temperature), 15minutes low temp curing type 160℃(workpiece temperature), 15minutes
Average coating rate
9-12㎡/kg, film thickness:60μm (calculated according to 100% consuming of powder coating)
Coating performance

Testing items
Standards and methods
Inspecting index
Impact strength
GB/T 1732-1993
GB 9753-1988
GB/T 9286-1998
Bending resistance
GB 6742-1986
Pencil hardness
GB/T 6739-1996
Salt mist resistance
GB 1771-1991
Heat & moisr resistance
GB 1740-1989
Resistance to elements (Accelerated aging test)
100℃×24h(white color)
Good gloss retention, Aberration≤1
The tests above used the cold rolling steel plate of 0.8mm thick with preceding standard treatment. The thickness of the coaring layer is 60-80μm
2. The above performance index may slightly decrease with the variation of the gloss.标记机

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