Artistic powder coatings




General introduction
Artistically veined powder coating of mixed type, polyester type and other types are available. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use respectively. Artistic powder coating has special decorative effects of luxury appearance, which can help to cover up the defects of the substrate. It is widely used in the coating for various top grade metallic appliances. 
Product Series
Products with various appearance like sand vein, hammer vein, silk vein, marble vein and metallic vein are available. Products of different gloss can be provided according to the customers’ to the demand.
Physical properties of the powder 
Granularity distribution:100%below 100μm(depending on the demand of art effects. It can be adapted to the specific demand of coating.)
Curing Condition
 Depending on the types of different products. For detailed information, plese check the instruction book attached to our products.
Average coating rate
7-10㎡/kg, film thickness:80μm (calculated according to 100% consuming of powder coating)
Coating performance

Testing items
Standards and methods
Inspecting index
Impact strength
GB/T 1732-1993
GB 9753-1988
GB/T 9286-1998
Bending resistance
GB 6742-1986
Pencil hardness
GB/T 6739-1996
Salt mist resistance
GB 1771-1991
Heat & moisr resistance
GB 1740-1989
The tests above used the cold rolling steel plate of 0.8mm thick with preceding standard treatment. The thickness of the coaring layer is 60-80μm
2. The above property index may slightly vary with the variation of the product types and artistic effects.标记机

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